Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dealerships and restaurants for Lougheed and Boundary

According to the City of Burnaby, the northeast corner of Lougheed Hwy and Boundary Rd will eventually become the site of auto dealerships, restaurant/commercial spaces and office buildings over multiple development phases.

Parts of the May 27 City of Burnaby Council meeting minutes regarding this development below

REZONING REFERENCE #12-28 Mixed-Use Office and Automobile Dealership

"OpenRoad Development - 2020 Boundary Road, Burnaby, B.C." prepared by Christopher Bozyk Architects Ltd.)
APPLICANT: Christopher Bozyk Architects Ltd. 414-611 Alexander Street. Vancouver BC 

TO seek Council authorization to forward this application to a Public Hearing on 2013 June 25.


That a Rezoning Bylaw be prepared and advanced to First Reading on 2013 June 10, and to a Public Hearing 2013 June 25 at 7:00 p.m.
THAT the following be established as prerequisites to the completion of the rezoning:
The submission of a suitable plan of development.
The deposit of sufficient monies, including a 4% Engineering Inspection Fee, to cover the costs of all services necessary to serve the site and the completion of a servicing agreement covering all requisite services. All services are to be designed to City standards and constructed in accordance with the Engineering Design. One of the conditions for the release of occupancy permits will be the completion of all requisite services.
The installation of all electrical, telephone and cable servicing, and all other wiring underground throughout the development, and to the point of connection to· the existing service where sufficient facilities are available to serve the development.

The purpose of the proposed rezoning bylaw amendment is to permit the construction of a mixed-use office, commercial and automobile dealership development.


The subject site was the focus of a similar rezoning application in 2007 (Rezoning Reference #07-24). The developer, Bosa Development Corporation, purchased the site from Terasen Gas (Fortis BC) with the intent of developing the site with a mix of office, commercial and automobile sales and service uses. 
A detailed design was for the site by Christopher Bozyk Architects, but was not advanced to Public Hearing. In 2008, Translink purchased the site with a mixed intent to either develop the site under the prevailing M3 Heavy Industrial District as a bus depot and service facility, or alternatively to work with the. City towards the re-designation of the site for high-density residential uses. As neither a bus depot nor high-density residential uses were considered supportable on the subject site, the City initiated a Rezoning Application (Rezoning Reference #08-10)in line with the intent of the previous rezoning application (Rezoning Reference #07-24), and advanced it to a Public Hearing and Second Reading. In 2012, the Planning Department was approached by Open Road Auto Group who wished to purchase the site with the intent of completing the mixed office, retail and automobile showroom concept brought forward in 2007, and has retained the original architect to work with the City towards the preparation of a suitable plan of development. Subsequent to discussions with the Department, the site was purchased by Open Road Auto Group and the subject rezoning application was submitted.

A key gateway into Burnaby from Vancouver, the subject site is located adjacent to the Brentwood Town Center plan area, separated by the Horne Payne BC Hydro Substation. It should be noted that the OCP recognizes the need to provide for a diverse range of development opportunities, in part, by encouraging and guiding the transition of key sites that are no longer conducive to continued industrial use, and where compelling community benefits are realized through more intensive development for other purposes. Supportive of this direction, the Metro Vancouver Regional Growth strategy designates the subject site as Mixed-Employment, which is intended for industrial, commercial and other employment related uses to help meet the needs of the regional economy. The intent behind this regional land use designation is to continue to support industrial activities, and complement the planned function of urban centres and frequent transit development areas.  Given the subject site's location adjacent to the growing Brentwood Town 'centre, its proximity to SkyTrain service and increasing pressures for more efficient use of urban land, the development of the subject site for office, light-industrial and commercial uses is considered appropriate within the policy context ofthe City's OCP and the Regional Growth Strategy.

The subject property is located at the northeast comer of Lougheed Highway and Boundary Road, and is currently being used for car storage. The subject property was formerly part of 3700 Second Avenue owned by Fortis BC. The property was subdivided in 2004 (Subdivision Reference #04-05) which created the 7.44 acre subject lot. To the north of the subject site is the remainder portion of the Fortis BC site and an industrial area further north, beyond Second Avenue. To the east is the BC Hydro Horne Payne substation. To the south across Lougheed Highway is Bridge Business Park, which is predominantly comprised of offices and office/warehousing, movie studio space and accessory commercial uses. To the west, across Boundary Road in Vancouver, is a mix of light industrial and commercially- oriented uses including offices and automobile dealerships. Vehicular access to the subject site is currently available to the site from Lougheed Highway.

The proposed development plan is for a phased development consisting of two to three high- end automobile dealerships; a 4-storey fully enclosed and glazed structured car storage . building, and an 8-storey office building with underground parking and grade level commercial/restaurant uses. It is proposed that the two initial automotive dealerships be pursued as part of the first phase of development followed by the office building and car storage building as a second phase. The undeveloped second phase will be suitably landscaped until development advances; with a restriction on interim car storage. A further future phase of development at the southeast comer of the site may be pursued under a separate rezoning application for an additional automobile dealership, office and retail building. Upon completion of the development, surface parking will be limited to patrons, . with only a select number of display vehicles located at giade. All other display vehicles will be located within the dealership buildings themselves. Vehicles awaiting servicing will also be stored within the dealership buildings, with access to screened roof parking by way of internal car lifts and ramps. As noted, the car storage building will be fully enclosed and glazed, with vehicles not being visible from adjacent streets. The maximum density permitted for the site upon build-out is 2.4 FAR reflective of the maximum density under the M2 General Industrial District. As part of the first phase of development, the density being pursued is 0.77 FAR.

To complement the built form, a progressive landscape treatment is proposed for the bounding streets including separated bicycle and pedestrian facilities on Lougheed Highway, complete with Rainwater Management Amenities (RMAs), to help soften the urban environment. Substantial on-site landscaping is also proposed including a treed buffer to the industrial properties to the north and northeast, a landscaped front yard along Lougheed Highway, a public plaza with specialized paving and landscaping at the base of the office. building fronting Boundary Road, landscaped islands and specialized paving within designated parking areas.

As part of this substantial development a public art contribution is required. Given the development's prominent location at Lougheed Highway and Boundary Road, which is a major gateway into the City of Burnaby, it is proposed that a "Welcome. to Burnaby" monument sign and landscape feature be provided as the public art component for the development.

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