Thursday, April 29, 2010

Brentwood Town Centre Skyline Takes Shape

For those of us who have lived in North Burnaby since the days when SuperValu existed at the west end of the old one-level Brentwood Mall, the opening of the Millennium Line's Brentwood Town Centre Station in 2002 was an important event in the transformation of this growing neighbourhood. Whereas the neighbourhood once mainly consisted of industrial and commercial buildings along Lougheed Hwy, the emergence of Brentwood Town Centre Station has resulted in the neighbourhood becoming a major transit hub for Burnaby as the skyline of high-rise residential and office towers takes shape.

Since 2002, the area to the north and south of Lougheed Hwy between the Holdom and Gilmore stations has seen the construction of at least 17 residential high-rise towers and many low-rise residential and commercial office buildings, with at least 10 more high-rises either currently under construction or at the planning stage. The ever-increasing population in the neighbourhood will lead to ever-increasing opportunities for existing and future businesses to grow here.

As a resident of the area, I cannot help but be excited about the prospect of this area becoming a major transportation, residential, commercial and entertainment hub in Metro Vancouver. Through this blog and links posted here, I hope to highlight developments in this neighbourhood for those that are interested in living, doing business, or merely enjoying what the area around Brentwood Station has to offer.