Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Post-election mention of BW Community Centre

After the Burnaby Citizens Association won the municipal election last Saturday, Councillor Colleen Jordan mentioned that they can continue ahead with plans including the building of a new community centre in Brentwood.  It's been reported that the City of Burnaby is in discussions with Shape Properties (Brentwood Mall owner) to reach a deal to build it on the mall site within the new development that is currently underway and that the ideal location would be near the Halifax Street entrance.

What should the Brentwood Community Centre look like?

I can envision the new amenity including at least one large multipurpose gymnasium that could accommodate sports such as basketball, badminton, volleyball, floor hockey and martial arts.  The facility could also include space for classes and workshops.  If space is an issue, there would be nothing to stop them from building part of the facility underground to create more recreational space in the community centre.  The use of underground space for the gymnasium (at least partially) to allow for office and classroom facilities to be built above and beside it would allow for efficient use of the space that currently exists on the site.  With the area population rapidly growing in the near future, nothing would be worse than a brand new facility being used to over capacity within a few short years.