Wednesday, January 31, 2018

4430 Halifax Street slated for development

I was recently informed by my family doctor that his medical office will close down this spring after nearly 40 years in Brentwood.  In a letter to his patients the doctor stated that the area around his office as having "become a go-to area for high-rises, and my office is located in one such new development."

From open source searches, it appears that the building is currently owned by Embassy Bosa Development Corporation.  More to follow as details emerge.

Bordeaux tower coming to Willingdon and Juneau

Solterra Development has initiated another residential project in Brentwood.  It's 24-story tower and townhouse development will be coming to the northwest corner of Willingdon Avenue and Juneau Street.  With a current estimated completion date in 2020, sales will begin sometime this spring.

(From City of Burnaby website)

(From Google Maps)

Sunday, January 21, 2018

4612 and 4650 Dawson Rezoning initiated

Rezoning has been initiated to build street front townhouses along Dawson between Beta and Alpha Aves with apartment buildings behind them.  The developer is yet to be identified.  With the south side of Dawson Street between Willindgon and Alpha already being forwarded for a massive development by Aoyuan International and the Concord Brentwood site moving ahead, the entire length of the south side of Dawson from Willingdon to Douglas Rd will be nearly completed with residential developments.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Sears closes doors for good

Sometime last week I noticed that the Sears in Brentwood finally closed down for good.  There goes the short cut to and form the roof top parking.

Time will now tell what kind of activity the 3 level space will be used for.  Rumors of T&T Supermarket have been mentioned for at least 1 of the 3 levels.  A grocery store would definitely fill a niche.  I wonder if Kin's Farm Market would make a return to Brentwood.