Thursday, May 26, 2011

Brentwood Zellers doesn't make the first cut

Target Corp, the US retailing giant that bought Zellers earlier this year, has announced the first wave of Zellers stores to be converted into Target stores. Although the Metrotown store was included among the 13 BC stores on the list, the Brentwood Town Centre store did not make the list.  Target has emphasized that this is merely the first phase and that more stores will be announced in later phases.

The decision to not include the Brentwood location in the first phase may be related to the fact that Brentwood Mall will be undergoing a major redevelopment in the future and Target will need to collaborate with the mall to transition the Zellers into a Target store at that time.

Friday, May 13, 2011

A place to watch Canucks playoff games

With the Canucks having made it to the semifinals, playoff fever is hitting new highs.  The excitement is definitely good for local bars and restaurants if the games are shown there.  Two places to catch the action are Striker's Bar at the REV's Bowling Centre just west of Holdom Station and at Joey Burnaby at the Madison Centre on Lougheed Hwy.

Not all has been rosy with Canucks fever as the sign at Destination Toyota shows (below). In response to the NHL's legal department warning them that they are infringing on the trademark rights of the NHL by displaying the Canucks name, businesses such as Destination Toyota have cleverly resorted to altering the signs to cheer on the Canucks.