Friday, June 7, 2013

Kin's Market and Brentwood Cleaners to be moved

Although not yet officially announced, the removal of the mall front from Bank of Montreal (BMO) to IHOP will go further inward than I previously mentioned.  The shops affected are situated within the area between the outer IHOP and inwards up to Kin's Market.  I've heard that the BMO is looking at moving it's branch into the recently vacated space that housed SportMart.  A dentist's office affected by the Brentwood Mall Redevelopment (BMR) might be looking at the empty space next to SportMart which used to house a pet store.

That is a significant amount of mall space that will be removed to accommodate Phase 1 of the BMR which will extend to the corner of Lougheed Hwy and Willingdon Ave.  As exciting as the development is, I  hope that Kin's will remain open somewhere else at the mall as more than half of my produce currently comes from there.

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  1. I noticed yesterday that the old SportMart space is now occupied by Accents Furniture.