Thursday, June 20, 2013

Signs of nearing Brentwood Mall Redevelopment

In less than 1 year, the Brentwood Mall Redevelopment will begin to break ground and kick off the dramatic transformation of Brentwood Town Centre.  A couple of days ago, I noticed markings in and around the Brentwood Mall parking lots.  The markings are evidence that planners are actively measuring and marking out the space that will make up Phase 1 of the BMR.  The locations of buildings and the layout of the new street created during Phase 1 between Willingdon Ave and Lougheed Hwy, and the layout of the site perimeter is being marked out along Lougheed Hwy under the station to the corner at Willingdon Ave.   Factors such as power and water lines that exist underneath the concrete surrounding the mall surly make up a major part of the initial planning stages.

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