Saturday, January 7, 2012

Rude Rat Runner

It took only 7 days into the new year for a driver to hurl a swear word at me as they sped by at 70km per hour along Brentlawn Drive where I live.  The reason he yelled, "F*&k you!" at me was because I had yelled out, "Slow down!" as he whizzed by.  What a gem of a person he must be to think that he is too good to be told to lawfully obey the speed limit in a residential neighbourhood.  After all, who do I think I am wanting someone to drive safely at the speed limit or at least closer to it than at 70km per hour?

Speeding through Brentwood Park is going to become a bigger problem as more development occurs and the residents of the neighbourhood need to vocalize concerns about it.


  1. Ditto today, someone racing down the 4500 block. Other streets get speed bumps, the 134 bus route probably negates any chance of speed bumps.. I once used to be annoyed at commuters that parked in front of my house... but soon realized that parked cars slowed down the traffic, only room for one way traffic when cars are parked on both sides of Brentlawn

    1. We need the parked cars on both sides of the street. I'd like to see 4-way stops at the intersections along Brentlawn with well-marked crosswalks to keep drivers aware of pedestrians as the drive through.

  2. We have the Same issue on William and Madison Ave. Cut through from Gilmore to Willingdon, and it is just going to get worse when they shut down Douglas...
    May be time to move. :(

  3. In my opinion, the neighbourhood needs to make a collaborative effort to bring the issue to City Council. A setup of strategically placed "dead ends" or round-abouts to prevent a straight line between Madison and Willingdon are needed. Drivers that don't live in the neighbourhood should not be able to race through at will just because they don't have the patience to sit in the very traffic that they themselves are contributing to. You live in a good neighbourhood and it would be sad to be forced out by rat-runners.

  4. Brentwood Park residentFebruary 4, 2012 at 1:40 AM

    A Brentlawn resident dropped off a letter about traffic today. The Brentwood Gate project has certainly increased traffic. Not sure if they're "rat runners' in the traditional sense; who can blame them for using Brentlawn instead of Lougheed if they're heading to (eg) Safeway? It's the a******s who speed at 60+ that are the problem.

    In short. to slow traffic, stop signs won't work (they often *increase* speeds midblock), numbers on a sign won't work, changing the geometry of the street _wil_ work, but as long as the 134 bus run on Brentlawn, that's not likely to happen.

  5. I received the letter as well and am glad somebody has gotten this started. I was considering doing the same thing.

    You've made some good points regarding the stop signs and speed bumps. A combination of stop signs, bulges and speed humps (allow the bus to go over them) and/or remove the bus from Brentlawn completely. A left turn lane onto Delta off of the eastbound lane of Lougheed Hwy could take more cars off of Brentlawn as well.

    There will be a meeting once the letter writer receives more feedback. I hope to see you there!

  6. I don't like the bus whizzing down the road. No one is on it at anytime during the day. What an ineffective way of using transportation. I would like to see Brentlawn Drive be blocked off for local residents.