Monday, January 16, 2012

BMO Brentwood moving to make room for redevelopment

Businesses occupying the outer stores of Brentwood Mall will be required to move out of their current locations by October to make way for phase 1 of the Brentwood Mall Redevelopment (BMR).  Phase 1 of the BMR will involve the extension of the mall outward with the building of retail space that will front the north side of the "high street fashion district".  This extension of the mall will coincide with the Entertainment Plaza (EP) which will occupy the area immediately northwest of Brentwood Station.

The Bank of Montreal has been in that location for as long as I can remember.  I wonder where it will end up after the BMR is completed.

With the installation of turnstiles and smart card readers in the Millennium Line stations commencing this year, the BMR will certainly be coordinating its activities with TransLink when Brentwood Station undergoes its retrofits.


  1. Hi, what is the source of the information cited in this post? The developer has not yet managed to get their plans approved by the council or the land rezoned. I don't see how they are going to start construction by Oct... that's just impossible considering all the formalities they'll have to go through before they get to the construction phase. Thanks.

  2. Employees of BMO were spoken to by representatives of Shape Properties recently and informed of the plan. They stated that their branch will have to move out by October.