Thursday, January 26, 2012

NW corner of Brentwood Mall expansion could be less abrupt

I had a chance to walk along the back of Brentwood Mall today to try and imagine where the development will take place back there.  Immediately behind the mall are the single-family homes of Brentwood Park.  The rear lane separating the mall from the houses can be seen below (right).

A 30-story tower is envisioned somewhere in this view.  The houses on the
other side of the hedges will be overshadowed by the new tower if built as
envisioned in the current plan recently displayed by Shape Properties. 

A good transition along the edges of differing zones should see a blending of the neighbourhoods at their meeting points.  The current concept to build a 30-story residential tower at the northwest end of Brentwood Mall will create an abrupt transition from "town centre" to "single family" neighbourhood.  The houses along Brentlawn Drive are presently separated by a rear lane and a fence that runs along the northern length of the mall property.  Such a swift change will negatively impact the houses directly behind the mall just off of Willingdon Ave.

The abrupt transition in the northwest corner is in sharp contrast to the long-term plan of having townhouses built at the rear of the mall roughly halfway between Willingdon and Beta Aves.  The townhouses will create a good transitional buffer between the mall and the houses behind it.

If this has been considered for the north of the mall, there is no reason why it cannot be considered for the northwest part as well.  Lower buildings could still be built in place of the tower currently in the plan. The 30-story tower should be moved further south and push the other towers further south along Willingdon.  If the 30-story tower is built further south, the developer may be able to build it taller to 40 stories since there would be a greater distance from the houses on Brentlawn.


  1. Thanks for keeping this blog up to date! I'm actually moving into the Brentwood Park Area, and this blog helped me really get an understanding of the development plan for the Brentwood Mall Property.

    I'm excited to find out more details!

    Thanks again :)

  2. Welcome to the neighbourhood. I am happy that someone is benefitting from this. There is no doubt that this area will be a coveted place to live in as it evolves over time.

  3. Brentwood Park residentFebruary 4, 2012 at 1:07 AM

    Hmm, considering I can see my house in the first photo.. wait, what? Are they really considering towers along the north edge of the mall? With all that empty space on the Lougheed side? and the narrow lane north of London Drugs?

  4. I just saw on the news today that the brendwood mall owners want to put in several very tall towers ,one of them might be 70 stories, oh my ,and looks like the mall would be hidden,I understood that the mall was going to move to almost street level,retail space etc, doing away with that long walk from skytrain station ,but all those towers planed seem to be just out of place , maybe one or two, tucked away in the corner of the site, but ,what the heck ,what do I know any way,,maybe just put it down as greed more towers more money,,