Monday, January 23, 2012

Debate over heights; Rick McGowan

Rick McGowan has made some good points on why residents of Burnaby did not speak on the issue of increased density allowances being approved with changes to Burnaby bylaws governing density in the city's town centres such as Brentwood.

Burnaby NewsLeader - Letters to the Editor

Burnaby reaching new heights, and residents should say 'enough'

With word of yet more tall towers being proposed or under construction in the Metrotown and Brentwood areas, it bears repeating that the zoning changes that allow them were introduced by this current council without proper consultation with the residents most affected. The Supplementary Community Benefit Bonus Policy or “S-zoning” was not something that residents asked for. It was conceived by planners and developers as a way to build the tax base and maximize profits on a limited supply of land.
At the public hearing held in November 2010, there were no submissions made by the public regarding changes to the bylaw. Perhaps people in the town centres did not recognize that “the proposed zoning bylaw "text amendments" to provide a Supplementary Community Benefit Bonuses” meant high rises would double in height from 30 to 60 storeys.
When new rezoning applications are brought to public hearing, we see both support and opposition. Support comes from businesses, of course, and residents that live well outside the town centers. Understandably, opposition comes from those residing in the shadow of these projects. The concerns raised in Brentwood are raised in Metrotown and will certainly be raised in Edmonds, Lougheed and even UniverCity when the time comes. Control and development in our city is in the hands of a very small well-organized minority. If residents of the four town centres hope to bend the ear of council on this issue, they must come together organized and united and say “enough is enough!”
Rick McGowan,
Burnaby Municipal Green Party

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