Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mayor Corrigan mentions Brentwood in inaugural address

The following excerpts mentioning Brentwood are from Mayor Derek Corrigan's inaugural address (City of Burnaby website).

Based on the Mayor's statement on the Brentwood Mall redevelopment, it seems very likely that the Mayor has seen the plan that will be submitted by Shape Properties.  I wonder of it is available for viewing at City Hall?

Inaugural Address
In addition, the construction of a new Environmental Centre will begin in 2012. This centre will be home to the City’s yard waste and recycling facilities, our solid waste division and parks operations and maintenance. It will offer a more convenient and efficient dropoff facility for the public and encourage a higher level of waste diversion through recycling and composting.
A new Gilmore sewage pump station will be completed in 2012 to accommodate population growth in our developing Brentwood Town Centre. Its design incorporates state-of-the-art technologies to ensure high operating efficiency and cost effectiveness. It will be built using green building design principles with a public engagement component that will highlight the City’s investment in service infrastructure.Brentwood’s transformation continues and is another example of our City’s success in creating unique urban centres. Our planning for the location of the Millennium SkyTrain Line – with three town-centre stations –has become the catalyst for development. The Brentwood Town Centre Development Plan recognizes and capitalizes upon this significant transportation corridor by designating its highest, most efficient land uses within walking distance of the stations.
Redevelopment interest in Brentwood remains strong, as indicated by several major development applications approved and advanced in 2011.
As we look forward to 2012, new plans for the redevelopment of the Brentwood Mall site will establish it as a model green community and an important legacy for future generations.

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