Friday, December 9, 2011

6 residential towers to transform Brentwood skyline

The Brentwood skyline will be significantly different come 2015/16 mainly due to the 6 residential high-rise towers slated to rise along the southern and western perimeters of the Brentwood Mall property.  According to the plan soon to be submitted for public hearing early next year, 4 of the towers will stand at 50 stories or higher.  The 2 smaller towers of 30 and 40 stories will be situated at the northwest and southeast corners.  It appears that they will sit atop commercial/retail space below.  The estimated 3000 new residents will greatly expand the local customer base for the mall and nearby businesses, and will support the arrival of new retail and entertainment amenities that will accompany the Brentwood Mall Redevelopment.

Soon gone will be the days when we are able to have some quiet time shopping and strolling around the little mall that is currently Brentwood Town Centre.  Good or bad, the arrival will bring a marked increase of pedestrian and automobile traffic to the area.  The increase in automobile traffic might be the necessary trade-off to build a complete neighbourhood where many locals are able to work live and play without getting into a car.

This view will no longer exist from this vantage as an office tower in the foreground attached to the mall and 2 residential high-rise towers along the edge of this parking lot next to Lougheed Hwy will form part of the Brentwood Mall Redevelopment.  This photo was taken from the top of the roof parking above Sears, looking south towards Metrotown in the distance.
This part of the parking lot along Lougheed Hwy will see residential towers sitting atop ground-level commercial/retail amenities.  3 residential towers will line Lougheed Hwy from this point to Beta Ave.
The other 3 residential towers will be situated along Willingdon Ave beyond the cleared area in the foreground.  This spot next to the station will be the location for what Shape Properties describes as an "entertainment plaza."  The question arises; where will the bus loop go?

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