Friday, December 9, 2011

Brentwood Mall Redevelopment to begin in 2013

According to Shape Properties' website, the Brentwood Redevelopment will begin in late 2012 or early 2013. The proposed development will include 6 residential towers (2 as tall as 60 stories) and a 25 story office tower above the existing mall.  Although impressive, what surprises me is that there is only 1 office tower proposed for the entire development.  Public hearings are expected in early 2012 (next month). The following update is from Shape Properties:


This existing regional mall in Greater Vancouver was acquired by Shape in 2010 and is currently undergoing redevelopment and rezoning plans to build out an additional 1.2 million square feet of retail density.The redevelopment plan envisions a signature destination with an urban feel that will support sustainable lifestyles where people can shop, work, live and play. As a mixed-use, transit oriented city core, the new Brentwood will be a preferred shopping, leisure and entertainment destination for the region, and an attractive home for residents and businesses with the introduction of new residential and commercial office opportunities. This pedestrian friendly, indoor/outdoor retail and residential community is expected to start unfolding in the Spring of 2013.


  1. This proposed construction project could be the opportunity to complete the Brentwood SkyTrain Station so that it meets the design goals of the original architects.

    When completed in 2001, the Brentwood SkyTrain Station won an award for urban architectural design. Viewed from above, the Station is a delight to the eyes. Unfortunately, the street-level view is less than satisfying. From below, it is all concrete and zinc-coated steel grates. In addition, the pedestrian experience is seriously compromised by the noise, pollution and safety issues caused by increased motor traffic at the pedestrain crosswalks.

    One way to complete the original vision will be to raise the Brentwood property ground elevation to the SkyTrain station concourse level. New sidewalks and cycling paths will be laid atop the landfilled site. A complete and comprehensive network of skywalks and ramps above the Willingdon/Lougheed intersection will allow pedestrains and cyclists to avoid the road intersection altogether, while still providing visual sightlines between motor vehicle occupants and the car-oriented retail sites on the southeast, southwest and northwest corners of the intersection.

    The new pedestrian and cycling flyovers will allow car access to and from the Brentwood property to be made at road grade level, while ensuring that the increased motor traffic into and out of the property does not discourage walking and cycling.

    All motor vehicle movement and parking on-site can be made underground, freeing up the aboveground levels for people.

    Some consideration needs to be given to improving the layout of the Brentwood bus interchange to ensure that the bus passenger experience is not degraded by the new construction. For example, by re-orienting the bus bays to all align northbound, passenger boarding platforms can be raised, glazed, canopied and heated, with sliding glass doors aligned to match-up with the bus doors.

    If done right, the proposed new construction will allow for a much-needed increase in urban density. By focussing the design priorities on high quality pedestrian and cycling enjoyment, the City's goal of improving the human experience while reducing dependence on motor vehicle transport will be achieved.

  2. Will be nice when its done but answer me as this mall is so awful right now and they are still making merchants renovate their stores. I had a kiosk in the mall which i had a deal for a buyer for $90,000. The only thing that killed the deal was the mall wanted a reno. I have since shut it down after the mall being worse by the year and sales that followed. I am in the process of selling some of my goods for 5000. Thanks for nothing.