Friday, December 30, 2011

Brentwood Mall Redevelopment Open House

Although Public Hearings on its project will not occur until mid 2012, Shape Properties has placed a Notice of Open House in the Burnaby Now and the Burnaby NewLeader to consult with the public on its proposed rezoning application to redevelop Brentwood Mall.  The Open House will take place at the food court at Brentwood Mall on Monday, January 9 from 4:00-7:00 pm.

This is a good move by Shape Properties to ensure that locals are given an opportunity to consider the ramifications of the mega project as well as receive input or new ideas in its approach to developing Brentwood Mall into an urban centre of Burnaby.  I'll definitely take the opportunity to attend the open house.  Hopefully other local residents will come out to provide feedback and to express any concerns regarding possible traffic pattern changes affecting the Brentwood Park neighbourhood located north of the mall.

For those that do not attend the open house, I will provide as much info as I am able to on this blog.
The following excerpt is from the notice in today's issue of the Burnaby Now and Burnaby NewsLeader:

The intent of the proposed rezoning is to establish development guidelines in accordance with the City of Burnaby's existing adopted Brentwood Town Centre Development Plan, which would provide a framework for guiding future detailed rezoning applications for specific phases of new development.
The Brentwood Town Centre Development Plan (the "BTCDP") designates the subject property for mixed-use redevelopment, including high and medium residential densities.  The BTCDP specifically indicates low-rise residential forms along the rear lane that separates the subject site from the abutting single and two-family dwellings.  The BTCDP also conceptually indicates tower locations toward the interior site and along Lougheed Highway & Willingdon Avenue intersection.  A primary goal of the BTCDP is to balance commercial and residential uses.  A(s) such, it designates a large portion of the site for high density commercial uses with a focus on the Lougheed Highway & Willingdon Avenue intersection. The BTCDP indicates a significant public open space component.
The proposed preliminary development concept for the property is to transform, over time, the property into an urban "town centre" environment with a focus on street-orientation and very high quality public spaces.
The open house will be held on Monday January 9, 2012 between the hours of 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm at Brentwood Town Centre Mall in the food court.  The public is invited to attend this open house to view information on the proposed development as well as provide comments.
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