Sunday, December 11, 2011

Brentwood Mall Entertainment Plaza

When most people think of Brentwood Mall, "entertainment" is not part of the image that comes to mind as it does when Metrotown is mentioned.  The only reason I go to Metrotown is either to watch a movie or to find an item that Brentwood Mall does not have (usually a book at Chapters).  The image of Brentwood Mall is about to change as Shape Properties has made public, its intention to transform the mall into an entertainment destination.  One of the key components of the redevelopment, an "Entertainment Plaza" (EP), will be situated immediately northwest of Brentwood Station.

The outdoor EP will be surrounded by entertainment-centered amenities that will include a movie theatre, restaurants and cafes.  According to the plan map released by Shape Properties, the EP will be elevated when viewed from Lougheed or Willingdon (bottom left of map below).

Click map to enlarge or

According to the map, there will be 13 units of commercial amenities designated as part of the EP at ground level.  It doesn't end there.  A second level which will include an overhead pedestrian walkway connected to BW Station will wrap around the open plaza below with 8 more units of amenities plus a movie theatre and more amenities on a third level being part of the EP.

We can expect some big name, "cookie cutter" restaurants to take up shop in the new development,  but hopefully along with some unique restaurants and cafes to add some flavour to the mix.

This spot next to Brentwood Station at the northeast corner of Willingdon Ave and Lougheed Hwy is the site of a proposed Entertainment Plaza envisioned by Shape Properties (BW Mall owner).  The open air EP will be surrounded by a theatre and numerous new entertainment-focused amenities and should become a gathering place for many.

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