Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Gilmore to Madison full on north side of Dawson Street

With the site on the northeast corner of Dawson and Madison currently under construction by Porte Development Corp, the northwest corner has already been 1 year into a proposal by Imani Development to build a 40-45 story residential tower atop a retail/office street front at 4285 Dawson Street.

This development will complete the redeveloped street front along the north side of Dawson Street between Gilmore and Madison as Onni has already initiated its Gilmore Place development just west of Imani's proposal.

Another Highrise Proposal for Brentwood Area

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On the same day that Onni is submitting a formal rezoning application for it’s first phase of 3 residential towers at Gilmore Station, another rezoning application has been filed for a site just East of Onni’s land in the rapidly developing Brentwood area of Burnaby.
The application is being made for a currently industrial property at 4285-4295 Dawson Street, at the northwest corner of Madison Avenue. The site is 56,500 SF. The site is designated in the Brentwood Town Centre Plan a mixed use high-density (RM-5s).
The preliminary proposal by Imani Development, is for a mixed use development comprised of retail, office and a highrise residential tower, to a maximum density of 6.0 FAR, with a residential density of 5.0 FAR.
The application notes that the tower height would be 431 feet, or likely around 40-45 storeys.


  1. Good, lots of supply will bring down prices in the area

    1. It would be nice if the supply did bring prices down but I have a feeling the rush to build so many units is due to the fact that they are the only affordable option for new buyers who, along with their competition made up of established empty nesters and non-resident buyers, are keeping prices elevated with their demand.