Saturday, October 27, 2012

Letter writer on right track with idea

Letter-writer C. Linton to the editor of the Burnaby Now has made a nice suggestion after observing the apparent waste of shrubs and trees that are planted around sales centres for major development projects in Burnaby, particularly referring to the recently torn down sales centre at Holdom and Lougheed.  If the City of Burnaby cannot use the greenery, the developers should be required to transplant them onto the sites of their completed projects.  After all, we can never have enough greenery in the city.

A loss of good greenery


Dear Editor:
I thought and wondered . am I the only person in Burnaby (or outside of Burnaby) who notices the new construction presentation spaces going up? (And there are a lot!) And then some months later, coming down?
We all know that Burnaby is the most beautiful city in the Lower Mainland and the citizens of Burnaby are so proud to live in this beautiful town. We are known as the city of parks and it's no wonder - every street corner has stunning landscaping, and our green spaces are kept wonderfully well!
These new construction presentation spaces and the developer spend a lot of money on the beautiful landscaping, and every time I drive by one or SkyTrain by them, the beauty of them puts a smile on my face, and I imagine many others too.
The most recent space I noticed being torn down and all the plantings being mowed under the earth was the northwest corner at Lougheed and Holdom. No sooner was the backhoe on site, the structure and entire corner was decimated, hauled away in a big construction bin.
I have to ask: is there anything the city can do by partnering with the developers so that when the time comes to remove the plantings/landscaping, the city could re-use the landscaping material in other areas?
Most of the greenery is drought tolerant and needs little attention or care, these plants would be perfect for the street medians or parks in this lotus land we call home.
Or why not hold an annual plant sale where proceeds could go to something constructive versus destructive? I'm so frustrated seeing these spaces de-constructed and then thrown away.
As one of many avid gardeners/citizens in this city, can't we save these plants and maybe even save some money?
Curiouser and curiouser.
C. Linton, Burnaby

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