Saturday, October 20, 2012

Brentwood Mall Redevelopment Video

Shape Properties recently released a video depicting how it envisions Brentwood Town Centre after its development is complete.  The video is on YouTube as well as on its own site at Shape Properties.

Feeling that some music would enhance the feel of the video, I decided to add a track to it.  It is a royalty free track, titled CPU and is by Alexander Perls  from his project, Aalborg Soundtracks. Enjoy!


  1. no more indoor malls?

  2. Traffic seems pretty light in Brentopia of 2042. No more indoor mall; Brentwood was one of the earliest indoor malls, very modern with piped in music, florescent lights, heated handrails in the frozen food section,a parking lot that never fills, and Mamie Van Doren. Browse as much of the special advertising feature, but be sure to read page 1 as well. New mall in Burnaby, new wall in Berlin.