Sunday, August 19, 2012

Zellers "clearance" items may actually cost more

I've heard from a source that the outgoing Zellers at Brentwood Mall is trying to create the illusion that it is slashing prices for clearance.  I would expect the same is happening at all Zellers stores.  Although a few items on "clearance" may cost less than the regular price, most items currently on "clearance" were actually priced lower a few weeks ago and are priced higher now.  For example, according to an employee of the Brentwood Zellers, bathroom floor mats that are now on "clearance" with a "30% off" tag actually cost roughly 30% less 2 weeks ago.  Although it may not be illegal, the deceptive tactic is certainly dishonest.  All I can say is, "CAVEAT EMPTOR".


  1. No wonder they’re extinct...

  2. Good riddance to that dump!

  3. They are doing the same at the Midland Ontario Zellers. A couple of weeks ago items were price lower with a (yellow ticket) and 30% off, now they are 20% of regular price... inflation on the sale price... one person said to me...

    "Merry Christmas from Zellers is, we're shoving our hands deeper in your wallet" then he said "Not christian at all"

    What do we expect these days from this old system

    1. That's exactly what the Zellers at Brentwood Mall did last week on Boxing Day. 2 weeks before Boxing Day, goods were 40% off the last ticketed price. From 1 week until 2 days before Boxing Day, it was 30% off and the last ticketed price had not changed. On Boxing Day, Zellers had the accordion doors 3/4 shut with a security guard at the entrance to make it look like something big was happening in the store. Once inside, the prices on the stickers hadn't changed except that it was only 20% off. I wonder if those kinds of deception tactics are coming from the parent Hudson Bay Company? I can't wait for Zellers to disappear for good.

  4. What is going on with the empty Zellers space? Is Target going to take it over?

  5. I heard a rumour from SportMart employees (before that store shut down) that Sport Chek is looking for space in the Brentwood area and that 1 of the 2 floors of the old Zellers is where it might open up. Target stores traditionally need more space with a diffferent layout need from what the old Zellers space can offer.