Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Brentwood Redevelopment garnering attention

The Brentwood Mall Redevelopment is beginning to garner increased attention in the media as it heads into its first public hearing on the rezoning proposal by Shape Properties. The BMR will see Brentwood Mall transformed into a massive mixed use core in North Burnaby with towers as high as 70 stories in a multi-decade, four-phase development. We can expect large numbers of both supporters and non-supporters at the public hearing. From talking to residents in the Brentwood Park area, it appears that although many support the project, they are concerned about the increase in auto traffic through the quiet neighbourhood that has seen a marked increase in speeding rat runners.

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Burnaby mall could see huge expansion
CBC News Posted: Aug 27, 2012 7:55 PM PT Last Updated: Aug 27, 2012 7:48 PM PT


A developer has big plans — very big plans — for Brentwood Mall in Burnaby. As many as 11 condominium and office towers, some as high as 70 storeys, could be built at the mall, which has occupied the northeast corner of Willingdon Avenue and the Lougheed Highway since 1961. Area residents get their say at a public meeting Tuesday night. But as the CBC’s Lisa Johnson reports, the proposed project seems to have widespread support. (CBC News)

Public hearing set for Brentwood Mall redevelopment
Proposal includes 11 towers, including two that would be 70 stories
Shane Bigham August 28, 2012 BURNABY (NEWS1130) -

A public hearing is being held tonight in Burnaby to talk about a massive redevelopment proposal for Brentwood Mall. The current plan includes 11 towers, including two that would be 70 stories. The tallest building in Metro Vancouver right now is the 62-story Shangri-La in downtown Vancouver. Brentwood Mall was one of the most modern shopping centres in western Canada when it opened in the early 1960s, but times have changed. The redevelopment would restore Brentwood's status as a shopping destination. The old mall would be transformed into a "town centre," much like Metrotown on Kingsway in Burnaby. Along with more shopping, there would be condos and office space. Brentwood Mall is already linked to the Millennium Line SkyTrain, while Metrotown is a stop along the original Expo Line system. In order to make the project pedestrian friendly, it would include a massive public plaza that would be surrounded by shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues. The redevelopment would take nearly 30 years to complete. Renowned Vancouver architect James Cheng is the lead designer on this project. (News 1130)

A massive re-development in the cards for Burnaby's Brentwood Town Centre
Global News : Monday, August 27, 2012 12:00 AM

When it opened in 1961, Brentwood mall was the mall in B.C., the largest and most modern retail hub in the region. But that was a long time ago, and other malls have since eclipsed it as a shopping destination. Now there's a proposal that could put it back on top. A massive redevelopment of the site complete with retail and residential components. Shape Properties, the developer, is proposing a master plan, which would transform the entire Brentwood site. “Our primary job is to create a really mixed-use community, to take advantage of the hours of the Skytrain and make it a 24/7 place to be,” says lead designer and renowned Vancouver architect James Cheng. He says the project is a huge opportunity for Burnaby -- next to Metrotown, it would be the largest of the town centers. The southwest corner at Willingdon and Lougheed would be the first area to be developed. That’s where a civic plaza would act as a centerpiece. “It will be right next to a Skytrain station, it will be surrounded by retail, restaurants and so on, and it has a great solar orientation…it will catch the light, so people can hang out.” But what's really capturing attention are the proposed 11 towers, two of which could be up to 70 storeys high, surpassing the tallest building currently in Vancouver, the 62-storey Shangri-la. “To me, the most important thing is how the tower actually meets the ground. It is not about how tall it is. It is about when you walk around, what you see and what you feel.” What people will feel is an indoor and outdoor shopping experience surrounded by restaurants, caf├ęs and entertainment venues. In fact, much of the blacktop that exists right now will be replaced by green space. “Right now you see a big surface parking lot with a bunch of cars. You won’t see that,” says Burnaby city councillor Paul McDonell. “It is all going to be redeveloped. There are going to be fountains, trees, boulevards, benches for people to sit on… it is going to be beautiful when it is finished.” And because the development is next to a Skytrain station, it's hoped more cars will be off the street. Right now, Burnaby is booming with development. All part of the plan to make the city attractive, livable and suitable for families. SFU city programs director Gordon Price says Burnaby is really leading the charge. “Good transit, they’ve got it. Good mix, they’ve got. A good street, a good feel – well, they are working on it. But all the elements are here,” says Price. The development will take close to 30 years to complete. A public hearing on the proposal will be held Tuesday evening at Burnaby City Hall.
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