Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Public Hearing approved for Brentwood Redevelopment

On August 28th, citizens will be able to speak on the proposed Brentwood Mall Redevelopment (BMR).  A public hearing is set for 7:00pm that day at the City of Burnaby council chamber.  The multiphase, multi-decade project will involve a dynamic transformation of the property that is expected to establish Brentwood as a major centre of Burnaby.

With towers as high as 70 stories proposed, the development will dwarf the massive Solo District project which is close to breaking ground at the kiddie corner from Brentwood Mall.  The project is expected to begin with the southwest corner which will see the construction of 2 residential high-rises with commercial business podiums as well as a low-rise building (Burnaby Now  and Burnaby NewsLeader stories below).  This site will also be the location for a public plaza surrounded by entertainment amenities.

Phase 2 of the BMR will occur at the southeast section of the site and will include a 50, 000 square foot food store and 2 residential towers.

I will expect residents of the single-family Brentwood Park neighbourhood immediately to the north to rightfully express their concerns about the prospect of increased automobile traffic and tall towers looming over their backyards.

Changes coming for Brentwood

The lights and razzle dazzle of London's entertainment and tourist hub could be coming to Burnaby.
Shape Properties, the company that owns and manages Brentwood Town Centre, presented its conceptual master plan to Burnaby council.
On Monday night, council approved the ambitious plan, which did not include rezoning applications for constructing the new town centre, for public hearing on Aug. 28.
"It's a multi-year development, said Coun. Pietro Calendino. "There's plenty of time to learn more about what will come down the pike."
But once the project is completed, it would be a major part of Burnaby's landscape, according to Calendino.
"It will become a real town centre," he said. "It will be the Piccadilly Circus of Burnaby."
The plan divides the 11.5-hectare site at 4515 and 4567 Lougheed Hwy. into four quadrants for development.
The southwest quadrant, which is currently a vacant lot, would be the first to be developed. The plan proposes putting in two residential highrises with commercial business podiums, and a low-rise building, as well. The residential towers would range from 45 to 70 storeys in height. There would also be a high street in the quadrant and a two-tiered public plaza at Willingdon Avenue and Lougheed Highway.
The southeast quadrant could be the second phase of development. It would include two residential towers. The plans for this quadrant include a 50,000 square-foot food store on the north side of the high street, with a base that could potentially accommodate another residential tower later on. The residential towers would range in height from a minimum of 25 to a maximum of 55 storeys, depending on the location on the site.
There would also be a smaller public plaza in this quadrant, and a green roof atop the food store and an underground parking area.
The northwest quadrant, which could be the third phase of development, would consist of two residential towers, with
retail and commercial space as well.
The towers would range in height from a minimum of 20 to a maximum of 55 storeys, depending on the location on the site.
There would also be another, smaller public plaza in this quadrant.
And finally, the northeast quadrant could be the fourth phase of development. It would encompass the majority of the mall site and some surface parking.
The plan for this quadrant includes four mid to highrise residential towers, low-rise townhouses, two office towers, and redevelopment of the commercial centre.
The office towers would be between 30 to 40 storeys in height.
The plans include extensive redevelopment to create public spaces - from the town centre boulevard along Lougheed Highway to the entertainment precinct, the high street, and more.
The project would also include redevelopment to accommodate vehicle, bus, SkyTrain and pedestrian traffic.
"One of the prime issues is going to be, how do we control traffic?" Coun. Nick Volkow said.
Though the project is ambitious in scope, Coun. Dan Johnston said it is something he thinks area residents are ready for.
"I think people are looking for a modernization of Brentwood," he said.
Shape Properties conducted two open houses earlier this year to present plans to people in the area and get feedback from residents.
The public hearing on Aug. 28 will be another opportunity for people to speak to council and the company about their
thoughts, Coun. Sav Dhaliwal said.
As the project moves forward, changes may be made to the plan.
But there is no doubt that, once completed, it will be a completely different Brentwood, he added.
"I think a change is coming," he said.
Public hearings take place at the council chamber at city hall at 7 p.m.
For those who cannot attend, written submissions must be received at the city clerk's office by 4: 45 p.m. on the day of the public hearing.


  1. 30 years? Must be an extrapolation of the 4 months it takes to construct a "Tim Hortons"

  2. I will believe it when I see it. Add anither off price shoe store in the meantime. Brentwood is a joke.

  3. I think the redevelopment will be fantastic. Can't come soon enough. Check here for conceptual drawings of the proposed plans:

  4. Thank you for the link. You have some great sketches of the redevelopment. I'll be checking out your other posts as well.

  5. I encourage all Brentwood area residents to attend the August 28th Council Meeting and let Council and Shape Properties know that this development is over the top in terms of its design and density. The amount of people, traffic and the crime it will bring into the area is not acceptable. Council has continually ignored Brentwood Park residents' concerns. It is quite obvious they are all about the money, not the welfare of the residents. We will all end up feeling like animals in a cage.