Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Community amenities discussed for Rosser and Lougheed

Although specific details were not discussed, the community spaces slated to accompany the Vantage and Brentwood Crossing developments at Rosser and Lougheed were mentioned at the August 29th Burnaby City Council meeting.

City of Burnaby

    Community Development Committee
              Re:               Community Benefit Derived Through
                            Rezoning #06-47
                            4420, 4444 Lougheed Highway; 2060 Rosser
                            Avenue; 4461, 4408 Sumas Street & 2131
                            Willingdon Avenue                           

The Community Development Committee submitted a report recommending on-site amenity space and a cash-in-lieu contribution as the approved community benefits to be derived through Rezoning Reference #06-47 for a large mixed-use commercial-residential project at the subject address.

The Community Development Committee recommended:

1.              THAT Council approve the on-site amenity space and a cash-in-lieu contribution as the community benefits to be derived through the density bonus granted to Rezoning Reference #06-47.

 Proposal Call Process for Community Amenity Space at
              Rosser Avenue and Lougheed Highway (RZ #08-06)             

The City Manager submitted a report from the Director Planning and Building seeking Council approval to initiate a Request for Proposal (RFP) process to identify a community organization(s) to occupy City-owned non-profit office/program space in a mixed use development at 2085 Rosser Avenue (at Lougheed Highway).

The City Manager recommended:

1.              THAT Council endorse the proposed process to select a non-profit tenant(s) for a community amenity space associated with RZ #08-06, as outlined in Sections 2.0 and 3.0 of this report.

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