Saturday, December 4, 2010

A hotdog cart in Brentwood would be great

According to stories in the Burnaby Now and Burnaby Newsleader, the City of Burnaby's current bylaw make it nearly impossible to operate a hotdog cart in the city. Kathy Sullivan, a prospective Burnaby hotdog vendor, is currently bringing the issue to Burnaby City Council.

A hotdog vendor serves passerby at Commercial-
Broadway Station in Vancouver.

Food carts placed in parts of Burnaby's town centres would help to create a street-food scene that currently does not exist. If I were to see Kathy Sullivan's hotdog cart near the Brentwood SkyTrain station, I would definitely be one of her customers. I'm sure the bus drivers that stop for breaks at the bus loop as well as the numerous transit users coming and going also wouldn't mind having a delicious snack waiting just steps away. We shouldn't have to go into Vancouver to get a hotdog.

If Kathy Sullivan is successful in changing the bylaw, it will only improve the street scene by offering consumers an alternative choice when eating out.

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