Tuesday, October 3, 2017

What will become of vacated Sears space?

With the recent announcement that Sears Brentwood will close down, Shape Properties is tasked with deciding what to do with the massive, 3-level retail space at the east end of Brentwood Mall.  Will the  vacated space be taken over by 3 mid-sized retailers or by 1 large retailer.  Will the old structure be torn down to give them more options on the usage of that space?  What kind(s) of retailer(s) will take up that massive space?

Being as large as it it, the lower level of the site would be ideal for a grocery store such as T&T Supermarket and the middle mall level would be a good fit for a larger chain restaurant like Denny's or Red Robin.  I personally prefer a 24 hour Denny's that would satisfy my late-night craving for a breakfast meal. The upper level might be trickier.  An office or school/educational space might be an option for such a location as it would be well serviced by the Millennium SkyTrain line.  Better yet, a large Uniqlo would be a good fit at that end of the mall.  Until that happens, the Metrotown Uniqlo location will have to suffice.

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