Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Relatively positive public hearing

According to the article below, the public hearing for the Brentwood Mall Redevelopment last night was relatively positive.

News 1130 article below:

Pro Brentwood development crowd lays out conditions

Development viewed as inevitable by neighbours who say it might as well be done right

Simon Druker
BURNABY (NEWS1130) – Development or no development that was the question on everyone’s mind at a public meeting at Burnaby City Hall Tuesday evening.
It is no doubt a massive undertaking planned for the Brentwood Town Centre, a far cry from the lonely rural area it was before the existing mall was built in the early 1960′s.
And while some spoke out against the expansion that would see two massive towers built, others say the hub has always been an area that would expand once again.
“The mall’s history is intrinsically tied to the development of that surrounding neighbourhood and that neighbourhood itself. So to me, that’s why this stuff is exciting. The next phase for the neighbourhood is a natural evolution in this process and is by no means isolated to the city of Burnaby,” says one speaker.
Critics say the density would be too much.
But those in favour say as long as it’s done properly, they’re ok with what seems like inevitable growth.
People do have concerns over building height, transit capacity and traffic congestion, but they point out development is inevitable so it’s better to have input now.
“To focus that intensive residential development in these major transit centres. Transit-oriented developments are forward-thinking mechanisms to address the population growth,” says another speaker at the meeting.
Council will vote on whether or not to pass the second reading of the zoning amendment in their first meeting of 2014.

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