Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Brentwood Mall Development Public Hearing tonight

A public hearing will be held tonight at the City of Burnaby tonight at 7pm.

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Public to get say on Burnaby’s Brentwood Town Centre

It’s just the first phase of a mega-project to redevelop the Brentwood Mall, but Burnaby 
residents are getting ready to give city council an earful at the public hearing Tuesday 

Residents who are especially concerned about the scope of the Brentwood Town Centre 
development – Shape Properties proposed towers up to 70 storeys tall – will attend the 
rezoning for the less controversial, commercial aspect of the development to urge council 
to keep it at a “human scale.”

While the towers aren’t on the agenda Tuesday, nearby residents are waiting to hear how 
the city will manage traffic in the area.

Cherie Moses, a part of a traffic calming group on Gravely Street, says it’s crucial for the 
city to address the increased traffic destined for the mall and SkyTrain station on her 
residential strip so pedestrians don’t get hurt.

The original plan didn’t address her narrow street, north of the centre, which is already so 
congested during rush hour that parked cars often get dings and scratches. While her 
group understands the redevelopment will go through at some scale, it hopes the city will 
come up with a traffic calming solution that will maintain safety despite the influx of 
thousands of residents.

“In their minds, people are going to be at these transit hubs and they’re not going to be 
driving so much – well, dream on,” Moses said. “All these places will have parking garages, 
these shoppers will have vehicles.”

Council has approved of the concept of the decades-long project, called a “crown jewel” by 
one councillor.

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