Friday, March 8, 2013

Brentlawn Drive needs stop signs

A common concern that unites proponents and opponents of major high rise developments adjacent to single-family neighbourhoods is the proliferation of automobile traffic.  I've previously pointed out the fact that many drivers already speed through Brentlawn Drive with absolute impunity as I've never seen police authorities place their already under-supported resources on enforcing traffic laws in Brentwood Park.  This problem will become even worse once the Brentwood Mall Redevelopment unfolds over the next 5 - 20 years.

The following video provides a brief glimpse into some of the perils faced by pedestrians at the intersection of Beta Ave and Brentlawn Drive.  This intersection has stop signs on Beta Ave but gives vehicles and pedestrians on Brentlawn Drive the right-of-way.  In the video, many pedestrians crossing the intersection are simply ignored by drivers as if they don't exist.  Many drivers approaching Brentlawn simply ignore the stop sign by rolling right through it even when there are pedestrians at the intersection with the right of way as they are on Brentlawn Drive trying to cross Beta Ave.  A solution to this would be to place stop signs on Brentlawn Drive and to install well marked crosswalks at the intersection.  Significant coloured markings on crosswalks are effective traffic calming measures as drivers are less likely to recklessly encroach onto a well marked, highly visible crossing without concern for public safety.

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  1. I never cross at Brentlawn & Fairlawn. Geomatry of Brentlawn makes it too risky. Better to 'jaywalk' mid block when you can see no traffic coming.

    And stop signs in the mall parking lot are clearly defective.