Monday, July 9, 2012

Brentwood Redevelopment will extend existing streets

According to the posterboards posted on Shape Properties` website, the Brentwood Mall Redevelopment will involve extending existing streets through the mall site.  As the map below shows, Ridgelawn and Brentwood Drives will extend westward into the mall from Beta Ave and connect with Willingdon Ave at the west end of the mall.  Halifax Street will extend eastward into the mall from Willingdon where it will connect with an extended Alpha Ave which will extend northward into the mall from a new intersection at Lougheed Hwy.  Brentwood Drive, once in the Mall site, will be called Brentwood Bvd and the existing "Brentwood Drive" name will remain unchanged east of Beta Ave.  The confusing part; Brentwood Bvd will again become "Brentwood Drive" during a brief half-block stretch ending at Willingdon Ave.  This half-block stretch will be further north on the map than the existing stretch between Beta and Delta Avenues,

Townhouses on Ridgelawn Drive

The future townhouses built at the north end of the site will have their addresses on the extended portion of Ridgelawn Drive.  The townhouses will face east-west instead of north-south to minimize their impact on the single-famly homes to the north.  The development also appears to have dropped its original idea of tapping into the rear lane located behind those homes to use as a shared lane with the townhouses.

Brentwood's 'Robson Street'

The 'Fashion' and 'Village' districts will be located on the new Brentwood Bvd.  The new boulevard is expected to be a destination street where the hustle and bustle of human activity will take place.  Major brand stores are expected to front this section of the development and the level of lease rates will certainly reflect this.  The map above has confirmed the desire of the development to have a grocery store in the Village District of Brentwood Bvd.

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