Saturday, June 23, 2012

Solo District lined up down the block

I had planned to check out the open house at the Solo District presentation centre on the way to somewhere else.  The open house which began at 12:00, had a line up down it's path to Willingdon Ave and down the block by 12:30.  Not having anticipated such a lineup, I opted to continue on past it. I wonder if any readers had a chance to check it out today?


  1. There was a lineup at 12 and decided to run some errands. Ending up eating lunch and doing grocery shopping. Drove by the site by around 4 pm and the line up was even longer!

    Ended up getting an email from the developer stating that OVER 1000 people and come in for previews and they have extended the previews to tomorrow. So Sunday at noon, you can drop by again. Didn't say when it will finish though...but just surprised with the huge turnout.

    1. There seems to be quite an interest in the area! Thank you for the update. Unfortunately, I will not be able to go today because of work.