Saturday, May 26, 2012

Target rumours continue

Well, this will be the last mention of Target in Brentwood until it has been definitively confirmed what will become of Zellers.  Here goes:

It appears that Target may not come to Brentwood after all because it will be too close to it's Target store slated to open in Metrotown.  It's been said that Walmart and Canadian Tire have declined to replace the outgoing Zellers after it closes its doors and although staff at other Zellers locations have been given notices, the staff at Brentwood have not.  However, unionized workers have signed an agreement that ends March 2013. (article below)  This most likely means that Zellers will be closing by March 2013.

Rumour has it that a large grocery store is eyeing the space left behind by Zellers.  A grocery store would definitely be a welcome addition to the area.  Sobeys has been the grocery store rumoured to be interested in Brentwood.


Zellers members accept new deal

March 27, 2012
UFCW 1518 members employed at Zellers Brentwood Mall store have voted 89% in favour of terms for a new contract.
Members at this store have been in a difficult situation regarding their future job security with the impending takeover of the company by Target. Highlights of the agreement include signing bonuses, and a store closure agreement. The term of the agreement is retroactive to April 1, 2011 through March 31, 2013.
The Union Negotiating Committee is Caroline Lacroix and Germaine Rion, assisted by Donna Tremblay (UFCW 1518 Staff Negotiator).


  1. I personally would like to see another supermarket in the area.

  2. They will regret it if they choose not

  3. I read in one of the Burnaby rags that the Brentwood Zellers was the only unionized one in the country so I assume that is why they are closing.

  4. hi, I'M a regular to Brentwood mall and have been ever since it opened ,will miss sellers, after a few years you get to know some of the staff, I often eat in their restaurant, I don't know why staff not that friendly I guess its the I-hop starting dec 15th 2012,thats when their eatery closes down, , but some thing tells me , gut feeling ,that T and T market might move in I DON;T KNOW,ITS ONLY A GUESS, catering to the oriental market place , remember when super value was there