Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Milestones demolished to make way for Whole Foods?

Riding into Brentwood Station this afternoon, I just noticed that Milestones has been demolished to make way for the Solo District Project.  If the following article is an indicator, the grocery store pegged as an anchor retailer in Solo District may be Whole Foods.

Whole Foods officially coming to Savannah; will open in 2013

Posted: May 2, 2012 - 5:21pm  |  Updated: May 2, 2012 - 5:23pm

After months of speculation, it's official: Whole Foods is coming to Savannah, according to the high-end grocer's second quarter report, released Wednesday.
"The Company recently signed eight new leases averaging 38,600 square feet in size," the report states, "in North Burnaby, B.C.; Alpharetta, GA; Savannah, GA; Maple Grove, MN; Albany, NY; Brooklyn, NY; Memphis, TN; and Toronto, Ontario.
"These stores currently are scheduled to open in fiscal year 2013 and beyond," the report continues.
The Savannah store will move into a portion of the site of the former Backus family automobile dealership at the junction of Victory Drive and Truman Parkway. It will measure 35,000 square feet. 
The high-end grocer will be flanked by shops in a 12,000-square-foot building. Another 12,800-square-foot building is proposed on the western edge of the site.


  1. Well... I think that Whole Foods is nice... But as your previous commenters has suggested; the price of their groceries are very high. Many people would not go there for their everyday/week grocery shopping. But I guess it does add the posh value of the Brentwood neighborhood! LOL Personally I would prefer T&T over Whole Foods; it's just more practical.

  2. I'm with you, Sam. T&T would not only be more affordable but would provide for more of my grocery needs than Whole Foods. I can only think of 2 or 3 things that I would buy at Whole Foods once in a while.

  3. T&T is much more preferred considering that there's a save-on right across the street... however a T&T would also mean more traffic for the area.

  4. I was hoping for T&T or IGA. But at least we didn't get No Frills or WalMart. Whole Foods may be too upscale initially for the neighbourhood but the fact that they are moving in means they are going to attract a different market moving into the area in the future which is great.

    Perhaps when Brentwood Mall area gets redeveloped, T&T may move in on the North East corner of Willingdon & Lougheed.

  5. Whole Foods in Burnaby, are you kidding? Everything in Brentwood fails. People have no money to spend around there.

    1. I own 2 suites in a building across the huge whole foods sign and had 2 potential tenants who told me they are really glad about an organic market so close by. I myself live in the building new makes trips to the cambie store at least once a week. You are sadly mistaken about your comment that the people in the area have no money to spend. My next door neighbor shops not comes home with a dozen whole foods bags and many other moms in the building only buy baby food from whole foods. The parking lot is full of audio range rovers bmws. Also there is retirement home for the VERY rich seniors across street. Maybe you are confused with hastings or something.
      And the city plans for future include holt Renfrew level stores and they are designing the mall to become high end, perhaps more so than oakridge mall. Developers aren't stupid they do their homework.

  6. I'd like to get the milestone back...well, a new T&T would be nice as well.