Friday, February 10, 2012

Traffic worsening on Brentlawn Drive

Because Brentlawn Drive is a local collecter street in Burnaby, many drivers will use it to avoid the traffic on Lougheed Hwy and Willingdon Ave to get to wherever they are going.  However, drivers don't just use Brentlawn during the day.  They will cut through here at night at high speeds without consideration for the residents. Many drive at excessive speeds through this residential neighbourhood.  Unless Brentlawn Drive is calmed with a combination of stop signs, bulges and/or speed humps, the number of inconsiderate drivers that whizz through at high speeds will only increase as the Brentwood Town Centre increases in population.

The following 12-minute compilation of video clips is from a 30-minute recording of traffic on Brentlawn Drive on Feb 10 from 3:00-3:30pm.

Speeding all night

The following footage of traffic on Brentlawn Drive was taken between 10:45 PM and 3:30 AM and shows how drivers speeding through this neighbourhood take liberties throughout the night.

Residents of Brentlawn appear to be organizing to present their concerns to the City.  Hopefully enough residents will voice their concerns to convince the City of Burnaby that it is significant enough of a problem that requires it to implement measures to improve this situation.

I hope this and other videos will give people an idea of the liberties that drivers tend to take when driving through Brentwood Park and other neighbourhoods like it.

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  1. I am guilty of speeding through Brentlawn at 60+km/h
    For some reason I always thought about it but ignorantly didn't take as much care as I would if I was driving down my own street.
    I apologize and will take a little extra care to be more considerate when using that route.
    I know it's not much if only one person makes a change but hopefully it is a good start.