Thursday, October 27, 2011

Six more dealerships coming to Still Creek

According to the City of Burnaby website's list of Major Projects, six dealerships will be added to the Burnaby Auto Mall at 4451 Still Creek Drive in Burnaby.  With the Carter Chrysler/Fiat and GM dealerships expanding their showrooms on Lougheed Hwy next to Brentwood Station, we  can rule them out for the move to the new auto mall.  Perhaps Coastal Ford will make it's move from Holdom and Lougheed  along with the Toyota dealership currently located at Madison and Lougheed to make room for more residential/commercial developments along Lougheed Hwy.


  1. I thought the Coastal Ford's showroom is quite new?

  2. You are right. The showroom there is relatively new as it was remodelled (only a guess) within the past 10 years. I wonder if it would benefit from making the move as the land at Holdom and Lougheed is sure to fetch a good price (if the dealership owns it).

  3. Still Creek Auto Mall may be just enough for another two car dealers unless McDonald's and Dick's Lumber are moving out.

  4. Link to City of Burnaby Major Projects dated September 19, 2011:

    Still Creek Car dealership
    REZ # 09-18
    CEI Architecture
    4451 Still Creek Drive
    Six automobile dealerships
    Rezoning initiated