Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rezoning proposed for Brentwood Mall

Less than 2 years after its purchase of Brentwood Mall in 2010, Shape Properties has submitted a rezoning application (REZ# 11-23) for the site located at Willingdon Ave and Lougheed Hwy.  Although details have not been released, the application is described as a mixed-use residential high-rise and commercial development that will be built on the surrounding parking lots.  It will be interesting to see how many high-rises and what types of commercial spaces are proposed for what will undoubtedly be the largest single development in Burnaby's history.


  1. This will really change the traffic patterns, that's for sure. As a business owner, I hope it will provide some increased business once it is all in. The construction will be hell though. Keep us posted!

  2. The increase in residents will bring a boost to local businesses as Brentwood Mall is going to lose its "small mall" feel. Traffic is definitely going to increase at Willingdon Ave and Lougheed Hwy and it already gets very busy around rush hour. Car traffic will most likely be a major issue brought up during public consultations.