Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Zellers location at Brentwood potentially to be sold to US retailer

According to a story in the Globe and Mail, the owner of the Zellers department store chain is in negotiations to sell some of its locations to US retailers and that a deal may be announced as early as this week.  It is not known if the Brentwood store is one of the locations up for sale and rumour has it that one of the retailers interested in making a purchase is retail giant Target.

If the Zellers at the Brentwood Town Centre mall is one of the locations sold, I hope the new store will be more organized than the old Zellers.  Since it was first established at Brentwood, the Zellers store has always had the problem of having unorganized aisles with price tags and signs missing or non-existent, and most of the electronic self-serve price checkers not even functioning.  When I recently went into the Zellers toy area to look for a soccer table for my kids, I had to carry the heavy, oversized box to a self-service checker and lift it up to the perfect position to scan the bar-code on the box because there was neither a price on the box nor a price tag on the shelf where the tables were displayed.  I was surprised that the price checker actually worked.  Asking an employee to find out the price would have taken at least 10 minutes for them to check, let alone finding an employee that knows what they are doing or talking about regarding the product.  Needless to say, customers shouldn't have to carry items out of the aisle to other sections of the store to find out their prices.  I guess Zellers at Brentwood has never understood this concept.  When required to find and purchase something while constrained for time, I've made the mistake of running into Zellers only to waste 15-20 minutes and leaving with nothing on numerous occasions because the store is so disorganized that one cannot efficiently locate the item let alone locate the price.

There, I've finally vented my 2 decades of frustration with the unorganized, and unappealing Zellers store at Brentwood Mall.  If the Brentwood location is sold, I hope the new store gets rid of the managers that have done such a poor job with the store.  I personally would be embarrassed with the way things have been run there.

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