Sunday, January 9, 2011

New intersection: Dawson and Douglas

During late summer of 2010, a new intersection began to take shape to accommodate the construction of the new Perspectives development on Douglas road.

Intersection at Douglas Rd and Dawson Ave

The townhouse component of the project (below) has been built behind the high-rise residential tower and fronts onto the new section of Dawson Rd.

This part of Dawson Rd (below) will eventually be paved further west over an unnamed creek (by bridge) to the part of Dawson Ave immediately east of Beta Ave.  It will eventually be possible to drive from Douglas Rd all the way to Boundary Rd.  The unnamed creek that runs north-south into Still Creek will be rehabilitated (and hopefully named) in the future.

Dawson Ave looking east (left) and Dawson Ave looking west (right)

The construction of the Affinity Project by Bosa Development is under way across the street from the eastern end of the new section of Dawson Rd (below).  The towers at Holdom Station can be seen in the near distance.

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