Monday, May 27, 2019

Starbucks increasing presence at Brentwood

The first corporate logo has appeared at the station entrance level of the Entertainment Plaza of the Amazing Brentwood development.  With the retail portion of Brentwood scheduled to open in 2019, we can expect more revelations regarding store and restaurant locations.  The Starbucks logo can now be seen from the street.  Starbucks already has a location at the rear of the mall near London Drugs.  Other locations in the area include Solo District and across the street from there on  Lougheed Hwy, along with one on the corner of Dawson and Gilmore.


While we wait for for new retailers to reveal themselves at Brentwood, two pizza shops have quietly arrived in the area along with a Poke shop..  A Domino's pizza has opened on Dawson St and Willingdon Ave.  A Pizza Pizza and Pacific Poke have opened in the old plaza which already houses Starbucks, FatBurger and Buffalo's World Famous Wings.


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