Tuesday, June 27, 2017

SE corner of Dawson and Willingdon sold to developer

The southeast corner of Willingdon and Dawson has been sold and will pave the way for another major development that will take it eastward to Alpha Ave and south as far as Alaska Street.

The current Dawson street front is the home to Pasta Amore restaurant and Brentwood Cleaners.  Brentwood Cleaners, originally located at Brentwood Mall until it was forced to move to make way for the the Amazing Brentwood development, will be forced to move again.

8 Acre Brentwood Site Sells in $152 Million Deal

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An 8.13 acre land assembly at the corner of Willingdon Avenue and Dawson Avenue has sold to Aoyuan Property Group (Canada), a Hong Kong based developer, for $152,000,000.

The site comprises six parcels, currently improved with various older industrial buildings. The Brentwood Town Centre Plan designates the site a mixture of medium density mixed use and high density residential.


  1. I hope that the business that will be forced to move out along Dawson do find a new home within the area. But, I am excited to see what the future holds as that strip of Dawson (both North and South) has been planned to be a high street (as is the strip of Dawson south of Solo). I'm hoping the area gets some more pubs, bars and social spots that are open later to liven up the area later at night and add more venues for people living in the area to chose from.

    1. It should definitely bring more late night destinations along Dawson but at a more relaxed ambiance compared to the expected busier Brentwood. I'm really looking forward to enjoying the walk along Dawson between Douglas Rd and Gilmore Ave.