Monday, May 30, 2016

Concord Brentwood unveils Hillside West

Concord Pacific has revealed (images below) what the first towers will look like and where they will be situated on its massive Woodlands site.

The style reminds me of the old BC Gas building  called, "The Cube" at 1333 West Georgia in Vancouver which, I was told as a youngster, was designed to withstand earthquakes.

(image below from

Hillside West will sit at the site's highest point on the south side of the newly named "Lougheed Parkway" stretch of Lougheed Hwy, across from Brentwood Gate.  It will be at the most westerly point along Lougheed consisting of two towers.  The next two towers will be east of the first two and will be aptly called, "Hillside East."


  1. This is crazy! Don't get me wrong, great for business but that's an awful lot of people to fit in this small area. It's already too crowded for the skytrain station with so few gates. It's just getting hard to wrap my head around.

  2. It will be quite amusing...and painful to see how the transit system is managed to deal with the expected population increases.

  3. They really need to quadruple the number for gates at the Skytrain ASAP.... Also, I feel bad for drivers. The roads are already congested, and only going to get worse with no solution yet in sight.