Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Development rumours in the air

Unlike news media outlets that are held to a strict, higher standard of reporting sources, bloggers tend to have more leeway in keeping sources to themselves.  Bloggers also tend to be more imperfect in their reporting as a result.  In my last post, I mentioned that rumours of Menchies opening in the Brentwood Mall Redevelopment (BMR).  My not mentioning the sources of such rumours is meant to both protect them from potential criticism due to their position that allows them to garner such rumours and to prevent the flow of the rumours from drying up at the source. Furthermore, my sources may neither be aware that they are sources nor aware that I am blogging about the Brentwood area.  Therefore, I must always reiterate the fact that it is a rumour with the idea that there may be a fire where there's smoke.

For a major project like the BMR, it seems unusual that the developer is not promoting it's development by mentioning new commercial tenants as selling points as they did when promoting Highstreet in Abbotsford.  Even current store owners in the mall are being kept guessing on timelines and details.

Carter Dealerships

Word of another major piece of land becoming available for redevelopment is surfacing. It's being mentioned that the Carter Dealerships are looking at cashing out of their Lougheed Hwy properties that house the GM and Dodge dealerships between Willingdon Ave and both sides of Alpha Avenue. Both vacated lots south of Brentwood Station would make it a potentially larger development than the BMR north of the station.

Destination Dealerships

Meanwhile, the new Destination Toyota dealership being built at the Still Creek Auto Mall is 3 months behind schedule and continues to operate at Lougheed and Madison.  Rumours are going around that Destination Honda on Hastings will  move into the vacated site on Lougheed until it also eventually moves into the Still Creek Auto Mall.


  1. I really hope that a big developer make an offer to Carter GM already

    1. Big developers have surely been eying the Carter property for a while. It would have to be a big developer to be able to acquire all of the Carter property unless multiple smaller companies divide it up.

    2. Do you know whether the FIAT or Cadillac/Chevorlet side will get built first?

    3. Those types of details are far off for now. It would likely take months at minimum and as much as a year after the purchase is made before a detailed plan is even developed for presentation at a public hearing. Right now there isn't even a buyer, officially.