Wednesday, January 13, 2016

BC's tallest building at Gilmore Station?

The City of Burnaby may allow the construction of a 65 story high-rise tower which would make it the tallest building in BC.  It would certainly give the Gilmore site some distinction beyond just being a gateway to Brentwood.  With the potential for creating enough office space that would house 5000 jobs, the Gilmore Development enable a massive infusion of economic activity in the area.

The article below from Global News (video accompanying this link) has more on this story.

New development near Gilmore SkyTrain station could pave way for B.C.’s tallest building

By Jon Azpiri
Web Producer Global News

Over the years, there has been an explosion of development around SkyTrain stations.
Buildings have popped up around Burnaby’s Brentwood station and developers are eying the nearby Gilmore station.
The City of Burnaby is giving the developer of the land around Gilmore station the option of constructing a tower of up to 65 storeys. If they do, it’ll be B.C.’s tallest building.
“The land is at a premium, so we can probably go up and save ourselves some sprawl,” Burnaby Councillor Sav Dhaliwal said.
The builders of the massive development now underway at the nearby Brentwood station had the option of going up to 70 storeys, but chose 62 because towers higher than that can prove to be cost prohibitive.
What sets the Gilmore development apart is the plan to offer very large office space options for large corporations like Google and Microsoft.
“This one development has the potential for up to 5,000 jobs and that’s a lot of jobs,” Dhaliwal said.
The urban sprawl shouldn’t surprise anyone. Just months after the Expo Line opened 30 years ago large buildings started to pop up around SkyTrain stations.
Videographer John Ball illustrated the change to the city’s skyline with a video that shows a ride along the original SkyTrain line back in 1985 and puts it side by side with video of a ride along the same SkyTrain line more than 25 years later.
As cities become more dense, the idea of living near your workplace becomes more appealing, which is why the Gilmore site is as much about jobs as condos.
The city is asking the public to submit their input through an online questionnaire.
Meantime, the huge development planned for the Oakridge Mall area in Vancouver is shrinking.
The developers are scaling back plans for the $1.5-billion commercial and residential centre by as much as 25 per cent.
They found an aquifer underneath the mall that is bigger than expected and they say that would complicate the construction of a parkade.
They’re taking a new, smaller plan back to the City for re-approval.
-With files from Ted Chernecki

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