Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Brentwood Entertainment Plaza at street level

During my longest absence between posts, plenty of change has occurred and that change hasn't been limited to just the Brentwood area.  While our new Prime Minister will be extending Canada's credibility on the international stage, his infrastructure funds targeting Metro Vancouver will be extending Metro Vancouver's rapid transit system out towards UBC and into the Fraser Valley.  The development of mass transit infrastructure is the key to setting a framework and focus for urban planning in Metro Vancouver.

Now back to Brentwood.

Since my last post, the opening date for Whole Foods in Solo District has been moved from this month to sometime in 2016.  It's quite a surprising difference from the original planned opening but I guess all good things can't be rushed.

Solterra is moving ahead with promotional pieces on its latest development to begin on Alpha Ave south of Dawson St. (Vancity Buzz link below)

Further east near Holdom Station, the Lake City Inn is being slated for removal to make way for a new residential development between Springer Ave and Holdom Ave.  The development is being presented to the City of Burnaby by Ledingham McAllister.

International Sausage House has closed down to make way for a development at Halifax and Gilmore.

Finally, the Brentwood Mall Redevelopment is beginning to climb out of the massive pit that has marked the beginning of the highly anticipated transformation at Willingdon and Lougheed.

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