Thursday, July 2, 2015

No Vote = more delays = more costs for taxpayers

It is official; the electorate has voted overwhelmingly "No" in the TransLink Referendum.  It is also now official that we will pay more for transit infrastructure expansion and improvements and it will take longer for those improvements to arrive.  In essence, the very electorate that voted down the P.S.T. increase is a representation of the TransLink Board itself.  Like the costly lack of foresight constantly exhibited by TransLink officials, the electorate has shown a lack of foresight that will cost us much more in the short and long term.

I have already pointed out how a "No" vote would be more costly (TransLink Referendum).

One of the next inevitable options will be road and bridge pricing.  Whereas with a PST hike everyone would have contributed to transit development, only car users will pay with road pricing, leaving those that solely use public transit off the hook (other than the fares that they pay, at least ones that actually pay in the first place).  

As for those that voted "No" because they only drive everywhere they go anyways; 

Way to go, you will be the only ones paying for transit improvements once road pricing kicks in.

This following board promoting the Compass fare gate system is posted on the Canada Line at Sea Island Station YVR. and it sums us up perfectly.  I took a photo of it last month.  The Compass system was scheduled to be operational during the Fall of 2013.

While transit systems around the world are constantly improving on their already superior service on scales that make ours look like a joke, we are unable to come up with competent officials and secure funding to just run what little we have.  Why do we have so little?  That question should be aimed at our so-called "leaders" of all political stripes.


  1. can't wait for the Broadway Line extension

    1. Both the Broadway and Surrey extensions are badly needed. Too bad transit takes a back seat to subsidized road expansion.