Saturday, June 6, 2015

Willingdon linear park coming in 2016

According to the City of Burnaby website, the development of a pedestrian/cyclist oriented linear park connecting Brentwood Town Centre and Burnaby Heights will begin in 2016.  The north-south linear park will be situated on the eastern side of Willingdon, beginning at Brentlawn Drive and ending at Pender Street.  The City recently approved the demolition of a City-owned house at 4504 Napier Street to make way for the park.


  1. Awesome! I'm moving to Solo later this year and it will be nice to eventually have that part of Willingdon to bike up and down to get to the Heights. Plus, if they can plants trees to reduce the sound from traffic from the road, it will be a nicer area to walk along.

    1. It is pretty exciting. Trees along its length are a must. I wonder if the City of Burnaby will engage local residents for ideas?