Monday, May 4, 2015

Koby's Produce Town opening on Rosser Ave

I've recently noticed that a new produce store will be arriving on the scene at the corner of Rosser Ave and Buchanan St.  Koby's Produce Town will go head-to-head with Save-On-Foods and the incoming Whole Foods across the street.  Its arrival is a definite positive for consumers that have been missing the departed Kin's Farm Market.

It appears to be an independent store as a Google search did not turn up any pages other than broken links to the City of Burnaby website with a  "page not found" message.  It is not yet known when it will open.  If anyone knows. please post the opening date in the comments below.


  1. Looks like it's going to be Korean-owned

  2. Hopefully it will carry some standard Korean foodstuffs. It would definitely be a niche market in the area. It's always been a bit of a hassle going out to H-Mart on North Rd.

  3. H-Mart and T&T are badly needed in Brentwood

  4. Can this tiny store even survive when there are already Save On and Whole Foods?

    1. Kolby's will be fine if it provides particular foods not readily available at the bigger stores. It will have plenty of nearby residents as a customer base to build and grow on as the population increases.

  5. I just saw an ad for cashiers on Craigslist so they should be opening soon.

  6. Late Thursday evening, I drove by Koby's on the way home and it looks like it has opened but I cannot definitively say that it is open. Inside at the closed doorway, I was able to spot folded umbrellas that would be used to provide cover for rollout produce carts that would be displayed on the sidewalk outside the store. I will check it out tomorrow during the day to confirm.