Sunday, March 8, 2015

Concord Pacific's Dragonwood development receiving coverage

As the massive Brentwood Mall Redevelopment has just gotten underway, the equally (if not more) massive Dragonwood Development at the foot of Beta Ave next to the train tracks is beginning to receive some media coverage.

(24 Hours article below)

By Stefania Seccia, 24 hours
Sunday, March 8, 2015 3:25:21 PDT PM

Burnaby wants to carve out a new neighbourhood across from Brentwood mall by redeveloping 26 acres to include residential towers, an elementary school, and retail space to cater to the future influx of residents.
The Woodlands site is at the concept stage, and heading for public input given Burnaby council approval at its Monday night meeting. As it sits on Lougheed Highway across from Brentwood Town Centre SkyTrain station, it’s part of the vision to develop near transit hubs.
The site is comprised of 10 properties – including six owned by the city and four privately owned. The deal includes selling off the city lands pending final approval of the proposed neighbourhood to the developer, Concord Pacific.
Currently, the Woodlands area is made up of 10 larger industrial-warehouse buildings surrounded by smaller facilities. Since the early 1960s it operated as the Dragonwood Industrial Estates — until it sold in 2014, according to a city report.
Concord Pacific is intending to develop up to 10 highrise apartment buildings ranging from 25 to 55 storeys, townhouses, and mid-rise buildings of four to 15 storeys.
While the surrounding area has had medium-density development pop up over the last decade already, including Brentwood Gate – a mixture of highrise and low-rise apartment buildings — the Woodlands site will be home to more than just residences.
The concept plan includes a 10-acre park including field space, picnic and seating areas, children’s play features, an amphitheatre or environmental education series, according to the report. It also includes space for cafes and restaurants.
The proposed new elementary school is being eyed for the eastern end of the site.
“The opportunity provided by the redevelopment of the Woodlands site is to transform this heavy industrial area, central to Brentwood Town Centre, into a vibrant community hub, knitting together the site with surrounding and future residential and mixed-use neighbourhoods,” the report states.
As the proposal is in its early stages, the public process has been split into two parts: part one will include public open houses to discuss the vision and concepts, which will be followed by the conceptual master plan heading to a future public hearing.

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