Monday, October 20, 2014

Specific location of new BW Community Centre discussed

The following Burnaby NewsLeader article  mentions that the City sees the northeast corner of Halifax Steet and Willingdon Avenue as the ideal location for a new community centre.  It would be built within the mixed-use development there during a later phase of the overall redevelopment of Brentwood Mall.

A new arena and arts centre?

A new performing arts centre in Metrotown, an arena in Edmonds, and new Brentwood and Cameron community centres.
Such projects are among the new priorities and changes being proposed for Burnaby's community benefit bonus policy, which council was to consider on Monday.
Since the policy's inception in 1997, Burnaby has received more than $154 million in cash and community amenities in exchange for city hall allowing additional density to be built on specific development sites, said a city staff report.
When an amenity, such as non-profit office space, a seniors centre or childcare facility, for example, can't be accommodated within a development project, the developer gives the city a cash contribution instead.
Until now, that money has been deposited in accounts to be used on future amenities within the same town centre as the development it came from. The planning department is now proposing it could be used on amenities located anywhere within that quadrant of the city.
The proposed policy change would also allow the funds to be used on amenities within Burnaby's civic centre area, which includes city hall, Deer Lake Park, and Burnaby Lake Sports Complex, to serve all Burnaby citizens.
And the change would add a priority amenity program, which sets out a wish list of significant amenities that council wants to see built with the developer contributions.
In Metrotown Town Centre, or the southwest quadrant, that priority is a new performance and event centre. "The facility would be capable of hosting installations, performances and significant gatherings, and would be intended to be a local community and civic-oriented centre that is highly accessible to citizens in Metrotown and Burnaby as a whole," said the report.
While the location will be determined by opportunities coming out of new development in the area, ideally it would be in the area of Kingsway and Willingdon Avenue, it said.
In Brentwood Town Centre, or the northwest quadrant, a new Brentwood community centre is at the top of the priority list. As reported in the NewsLeader, the city and mall owner Shape Properties is looking into the feasibility of building such a facility as part of the Brentwood mall redevelopment.
The report said the ideal location would be along Willingdon, near Halifax Street, within the podium of a mixed-use development.
Also a priority for the northwest quadrant is a new linear park along Willingdon that would connect the Heights and Brentwood neighbourhoods, providing access to amenities, services and recreational facilities for residents of both areas.
The land for the park, which would likely include pedestrian and cycling paths, is already available, having been acquired over time by the city, originally for road and utility purposes, the report said.
For Edmonds Town Centre, or the southeast quadrant, a new Edmonds arena has been identified as a priority. It would be the first such facility in South Burnaby.
And in Lougheed Town Centre, or the northeast quadrant, the priority project will be replacement of Cameron Recreation Centre, including a pool and a replacement of Cameron library branch.
With planning work underway for the redevelopment of the Lougheed mall site, several options are being considered for the amenities, including where they should be located and whether they should be together in the same building as they are now. The area currently doesn't have a pool, and the new rec complex and library would likely be larger than they are today.
The plan would continue the existing policy of designating 20 per cent of those cash contributions into a city-wide housing fund for affordable and/or special needs housing projects.


  1. No.... Not on Halifax!!! I prefer it to be near Beta street

  2. why does the west of brentwood mall gets so much attention? i was really hoping theyd build a centre on the Beta Ave side as it is underdeveloped on the quiet Eastern half of brentwood