Saturday, July 5, 2014

Sight-lines are ever-changing

As I strolled through Willingdon Heights Park the other day, I noticed the Aviara tower rising beyond the community centre.  With that tower reaching full height and nearby projects along the Douglas / Gilmore / Halifax triangle nearing their approvals, I couldn't help but imagine how long it will be before one is no longer able to get a clear, straight view to Metrotown from anywhere north of Lougheed Hwy when walking in Willingdon Heights or Brentwood Park as the Lougheed corridor between Gilmore Ave and Holdom Ave sees more towers springing up.

Speaking of the Willingdon Community Centre, the facility definitely needs an upgrade and expansion to accommodate the thousands of new locals expected to call the area home over the next few years.

This needs to be done in addition to building a new community centre further east off of Beta Avenue and Dawson Street.  In order to create complete neighbourhoods, recreational spaces must be evenly distributed throughout the city to make them more accessible to walking and cycling.


  1. After the Brentwood Mall redevelopment, do you think that Brentwood will become a more desirable area to live in Burnaby than Metrotown? Could rent eventually be higher in Brentwood area than in Metrotown?

  2. Most likely it will begin heading in that direction if it hasn't already. With the idea of owning a home being less likely for more people, the demand for rentals will likely increase, driving up costs in the rental market.