Sunday, July 21, 2013

Site of Brentwood Motors part of massive development

The current site of Brentwood Motors and Enterprise Rent-a-Car at 4756 and 4828 Lougheed Hwy will be the subject of a rezoning application (RZ #13-20) to be discussed tomorrow at the Burnaby City Council meeting.  The subject site will include a proposal for the purchase of surrounding City-owned property that extends eastward to Delta Ave and southward to Dawson Ave.  The developer has yet to be identified.

The development will include a combination of high, mid and low-rise apartment buildings along with a commercial component to serve the needs of immediate area residents.  If the proposal gains approval, the stretch of the south side of Lougheed Hwy between Beta and Delta Avenues will look markedly different once completed over multiple phases.  The area to the south along Dawson Avenue will likely see Dawson Avenue  extend straight through between Beta Ave and Douglas Rd.

New elementary school and park space

This development will also lay the groundwork for a future elementary school south of Dawson Ave to meet the needs of a growing residential population south of Lougheed Hwy.  I expect that the school will be built on the site of the large red warehouses known as the Dragonwood Lands near the foot of Beta south of Dawson Ave.  The site of these warehouses is part of the land mentioned in the project writeup for this rezoning reference.

Pedestrian/Cyclist overpass on Beta

One of the requirements of the City of Burnaby is that a pedestrian and cyclist overpass be built over the railroad tracks to connect to Still Creek Ave.  Such an overpass will definitely benefit locals that need to take a quick walk to the Costco rather than having to drive around along Dawson to Willingdon  to get there.  A quick connection to the Central Valley Greenway will also be nice.

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